Monday up to and including Sunday:
  •  2 PERSONS – 45 EURO P.P.
  •  3 PERSONS – 30 EURO P.P.
  •  4 PERSONS – 25 EURO P.P.
  •  5 PERSONS – 23 EURO P.P.
  •  6 PERSONS – 21 EURO P.P.

Payment options

It is possible to pay by card or cash at our location.
Unfortunally, we do not accept creditcards.


Would you like to surprise someone with a mysterious gift? By this you will be giving an unique gift!

The lucky one may compose a group from 2 till 6 persons (depends on the value of the giftcard) in order to go through an unique experience!

Prices Giftcards

For an experience of 2 or 3 persons: € 90,-
For an experience of 4 persons: € 100,-
For an experience of 5 persons: € 115,-
For an experience of 6 persons: € 126,-

Choose your own amount
Choose the amount you want to give and we will arrange your giftcard.

MAIL your data and the amount of persons/cash for your giftcard. We will send the giftcard to you.